Prepaid Bundles

On a budget and need support?

Try one of our pre-paid options.  Pay upfront for a bundle of hours, then you can use them when you need them.  We have prepaid bundles in lots of 5, 10 or 20 hours per month.

Hours are valid for three months from purchase date (expiry is midnight on the day prior to the original purchase date).

Set Monthly Fee

A set monthly fee is based on a set number of hours per month.  You will be invoiced each month for the same amount.  We regularly review these hours and revisit our pricing accordingly.

Personalised Packages

Need us Now

You need help now and needs us to drop everything.  We will try to accommodate your needs, calling us is usually the best way and we will quote first and once you accept we will get underway.


We will tailor a package that suits you and your business.


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