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"In the time that Sarah Johnston worked as an employee and contractor for Hawke’s Bay Racing she demonstrated a high level of knowledge and expertise in the management of accounts and in an administrative management capacity.  Sarah was and remains highly professional but she’s also a friendly and very easy person to deal with. No job is too big or too small for Sarah as she is solution driven.  She understands the complexities of our business operations and will pass on solutions that she believes will provide support which is always appreciated.  Her guidance and experience in administration and accounts management has been invaluable.  Sarah remains a strong and professional friend of Hawke’s Bay Racing!"

Hawke's Bay Racing Inc

"Being self-employed and in the business of selling time I need a very efficient administration system.  The services Sarah provides are a key part of this system.  Her admin support is professional, timely and accurate.  Just as importantly Sarah is a lovely person to work with."

Agribusiness Professionals Limited

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